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Tim & Jessica

As told from Jessica’s point of view:

Tim and I first met at a pre party for the Date for Life event. We were Bachelor and Bachelorettes to raise money for Children’s Cancer research. At the pre-party event we had our photos taken, we connected with people who had contributed to the event in the past, and met potential bidders and fellow Bachelors/Bachelorettes. The event was super fun and we were introduced by Stephanie and Stacy early on. Tim was himself out of the gate. He is sweet, charming, chatty and very handsome! The funny thing is we got into a little disagreement right away- he was convinced he was right!

The day after, I received a friend request and a message about how I was right! Handsome and can admit when he is wrong? “Yes, I will go out with you”!

After the main event we went out a few times. Each date we sat for over four hours discussing anything and everything. We found that we share interest in history and that travel is a huge part of both our lives. Unfortunately, life got busy and we lost contact.

Fortunately, my best friend Stephanie Kluver is a Matchmaker for IJL, and has no problem telling me what she thinks. She ran into Tim at a concert and made him take a picture with her. She sent me a message about what an idiot I was to lose contact with this babe who I had so much fun with! She kept saying “Call him” and went so far as to try and set up a date.

So, it was my turn to send the message about how I was wrong to have let six months go by between our 2nd and 3rd date! We went to music in Mears Park and have attended all of them since together.

We have been together for two and a half years and are living together in Saint Paul. We have already traveled all over and plan to continue for the rest of our lives! Our favorite trip so far is Greece.. and the Greek Islands- so beautiful! Tim is my best friend and I am so happy we found each other.

Date For Life was well worth fighting your nerves and braving the Minnesota winter in a cocktail dress!  We go every year and love the energy, good cause, and blessings that this event has brought to our lives!

Tony & Megan

As told from Tony’s point of view:

In a club full of men and women it was absolute fate that Megan and I met the night of Date for Life.  Megan had not seen me during the initial, table to table, bidding process.  It wasn’t until that I was up on stage that she first had a chance to see her future husband.  I’d like to say it was my winning smile, or the distinguished way I carried myself that first caught Megan’s eye but… Her first words to her girlfriend was “Dang, look at that butt!”

The great business woman that Megan is, she wasn’t going to let a thing like money get in the way of love.  My time on the auction block expired, I walked down from the stage without even a bid from her.  As I made my way across the floor Megan took the opportunity to introduce herself  by telling me “I didn’t have enough money, but here’s my phone number.  Her side of the story is that she said to me “I’m not sure if your worth the money, but here’s my phone number, call me if you are interested.”  My wife is always right, so I am sure she is what she said!  (Megan added that line)

I spent a few minutes squaring up with the auctioneer, but could not resist my desire to get back to Megan’s table and find more out about this intriguing woman.  I didn’t know it yet, but I had just completely fallen in love.  As we spent the rest of the night together in “our booth” at The View, the conversation rolled and chemistry heated up.  It was as if we had done this before in a another life.

After that night we couldn’t stay away from each other.  We tried, both saying that we didn’t want to rush into anything.  Fat chance.  Neither of us had the will power to go up against Love. Thirteen days shy of one year of meeting each other, we were married.  Date For Life has brought to me my beautiful bride.

Ken & Shelley

As told from Ken’s point of view (2010):

Shelley and I have really enjoy being together. We’ve traveled to Cabo San Lucas, San Francisco, and Portland. Shelley and I also celebrated our two-year anniversary this past October 22nd –  the date of the Children’s Cancer Research fund auction held at The View in 2008.

My good friend, Marisha, who was collecting my bids at the auction, said “Hey, I’ve got to take you to this group of women over here!” And that’s when I met Shelley. Marisha convinced her to bid on me, and again, and then again, until the auction was over. And I’m glad she did!

We have a lot in common. Whether it’s catching dinner and a show at the Guthrie Theater, tackling a home improvement project at my house, or snowmobiling with her crazy family at their cabin in Northern Wisconsin; we’re always spending time together.

Shelley never fails to let me know that she paid way too much for me, and I never fail to let her know that maybe she should’ve been bidding on one of the other Bachelors!

(Ken and Shelley have since gotten married.)

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