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Can’t make our event?


Don’t worry– you can still help us fight for a cure for childhood cancer with your generous donation!


Every gift brings us closer to a cure for childhood cancer. You don't have to imagine what your generosity can bring to a cancer research lab, we are happy to tell you...


  • $100: could buy 100 assorted racks to keep our state-of-the-art cancer research labs fully stocked.


  • $250: could buy a package of 100 assorted flasks, which are essential in research laboratories.

  • $500: could purchase a basic microscope, and help ensure that our researchers always have the newest technology.

  • $1,000: could buy 5 refrigerator units to store hundreds of cell samples.

  • $2,500: could purchase 5 microfuge machines that are used to isolate DNA and RNA to study how genes play a role in cancer development.

  • $5,000: could help operate the Children’s Cancer Research Fund-supported Long Term Follow Up Clinic for two weeks. This clinic is focused on addressing unique challenges of children and young adults who have survived cancer.


Make your donation to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund today.

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